This is CNN

Update II: Tape rolls as Founding Bloggers take the CNN activist to task:

Update: Apparently Susan the hack was a liberal scorned. MM has also underscored the double standards of CNN reporters activists.

CNN Reporter Obama Propagandist Susan Roesgen shows her true colors…oh dear you doth protest too much:

I’ve taken a pause from blogging for a while hoping that BO would not be as bad as I thought…turns out he and his ilk are much worse.


4 responses to “This is CNN

  1. Susan Roesgen wasn’t reporting there this was a person who went in there with her own views and went in there with her own agenda, to discredit the protest. Is this what a News media does . What a
    assault on democracy . What ever happen
    to just reporting the News and not trying to create the news.

  2. I agree 100%. It’s ironic watching her trying to take Fax News to task for bias while so blatantly displaying her own bias and agenda.

  3. This Susan is not a reporter she needs to get herself educated. Most High School teenagers could do better at reporting. She just wanted an
    arguement, you can tell she is just a control type freak. This is why CNN does so badly they hire people like her.

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