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100 Day Presser – Obama to Nation…

If enhanced interrogation techniques could save Americans from imminent harm our “Dear Leader” will not employ them. What a chooch. At least now he concedes that valuable intelligence was gleaned although he did not commit to release the details.

Obama Welcomes 5th Tax Cheat


Continuing the trend the Poverty Pimp in Chief adds another tax cheat to his staff.

Global Warming Callout

MSNBC & GE get called out.

(h/t MM)

Iraqi Motivational Speech

A politically incorrect attitude adjustment for the Iraqi Police:

Christian Bale’s got nothing on this soldier 🙂

Arlen Specter…

is a lying, opportunistic, piece of garbage.

Avoid Mexico?!

Why avoid Mexico you ask?

A. Kidnappings – 789 in 2007 with projected substantial increases

B. Drug Violence – 5400 deaths in 2008

C. The Flu – 149 deaths “blamed” on the swine flu in 2009

If you guessed the possibility that posed the least risk you would be 100% correct. Apparently getting killed or kidnapped takes a backseat to the flu.

Yes you should avoid Mexico. You should avoid any failed state and we should close the borders. If the flu was such a risk then why don’t we shut the border? Maybe it’s enough that you think about it…instead of the socialization of the U.S.

Move along sheep, your slaughter us right this way.

Liz Cheney Spanks Norah O’Donnell

Watch MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell lose all compsure editorializing and offering leftist spin on interrogation techniques employed against terrorists while “interviewing” Liz Cheney. Cheney for her part completely disarms O’Donnell with facts and it clearly frustrates the Obama operative.

MSNBC is out of control and even the shareholders are starting to get pissed that the organization is nothing more than a leftwing tool for the Obama camp.