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Liberals and Tolerance = Mutually Exclusive

A little background on the tolerant homosexual lobby and treatment by the MSM:

Then Bill O gets on it:

Please understand that I’m not religious nor homophobic but this behavior offends me. It is ironic how those that represent themselves as “liberal” are only interested in freedom and tolerance when you agree with their worldview.

Gore, Hansen, and the Global Warming Myth…

Liars. Al Gore should be jailed for fraud and his sock-puppet Hansen should be fired.

MSNBC: Bias for $$$$

Well, well, well…maybe the extreme liberal bias of MSNBC is about more than ideology.

Barack Obama: Savior to the World!

The Obamachrist:

But through the Obama lies the kingdom of heaven. Accept Barack Obama as your personal savior NOW!

Media Fellates Obama: Part Eleventy Billion


Media Adoration 🙂



The horror…

Liberal Tolerance: Fascist Homosexuals Intimidate Old Lady

It’s all fun and games until somebody has a different point of view.