Liberals and Tolerance = Mutually Exclusive

A little background on the tolerant homosexual lobby and treatment by the MSM:

Then Bill O gets on it:

Please understand that I’m not religious nor homophobic but this behavior offends me. It is ironic how those that represent themselves as “liberal” are only interested in freedom and tolerance when you agree with their worldview.

One response to “Liberals and Tolerance = Mutually Exclusive

  1. I had a dream. In in I saw HATEFUL actions, but of course I would NEVER advocate any of them.

    In my dream the LDS Temple, as well as Catholic and Christian Right churches were vandalized daily since gays decided they all have WAY TOO MUCH MONEY if they can purchase H8 and demonize gays; businesses who supported PROP 8 were also vandalized for the same reason.

    White powder shows up in tithing envelopes.

    People spray-painted HATE or H8 on the sidewalks outside with arrows pointing towards gay-hating church doors.

    Death threats and bomb scares disrupted H8 church services every Sunday across the USA.

    I am NOT advocating these measures…..but they would not surprise me either. Why?

    YOUR “LEGAL CRUSADE” causes OUR family harm, so now we WILL fight back, with the same force as anyone who is trying to protect their beloved family and children. Will it take hurting your wallets?

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