Teacher Belittles Student for Supporting McCain

Check out this fetid creature Diantha Harris ridiculing a student for supporting McCain and spewing liberal bile:

This idiot should be fired immediately. You can contact the Superintendent of Cumberland County Schools, William C. Harrison, at 910-678-2300. You can also drop a suggested topic to the Super.

Update: Judging by the Super’s response this is not conduct that will be tolerated. Good for him.

Update II: I received the following response to my comments to the District:

“Jennine Goessens” <jennineg@CCS.K12.NC.US

    Save Address     Reminder    
To:    <politicaldookie@bellsouth.net>
Subject:    RE: Journal Suggestions
Date:    Friday, November 7, 2008 4:25:46 PM   [View Source]

We are aware of the video shown on You Tube.  It demonstrates the action of one individual which is inconsistent with the values of the district.  Our administration is addressing the issue at the school. Our Superintendent has posted a message on You Tube.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9ta9XKQXgE ) and the CCS Homepage at (www.ccs.k12.nc.us)

You may want to look at that.  Please be assured that we take this seriously and will handle appropriately.

I think the Cumberland County School District deserves kudos for the prompt and appropriate response.


13 responses to “Teacher Belittles Student for Supporting McCain

  1. And you wonder why the American school system is in trouble.

  2. Have you accepted Barack Obama as your personal savior?

  3. Hardly 🙂

  4. FIRE THIS TEACHER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I tell you, this kind of thing pisses me off because if I have kids now I know I’ve got to pay for private school.

  6. This woman is a true patriot and hero, she needs to be given a raise, she obviously cares deeply about her students future.

    Dean Grant Baker
    MEd[ed. psychology]
    MEd[policy studies]
    BEd/BSc [ Secondary English language arts/social studies][celluar biology]

  7. Dean, thanks for illustrating that grad work in the education department is not a sign of intelligence or wisdom.

  8. I have sent the following to everyone I can think of whose inbox is still accepting email:

    RE: Diantha Harris intimidating 5th grade students who don’t support Obama

    Please see the following you tube link to understand the seriousness of this issue:

    My heart goes out to this little girl, who showed much more restraint, grace, tolerance and respect than did her so called “teacher”. This student has every reason to be proud of her father. We should all be commending him for his service to our country and appreciative of the sacrifices his family is making because of that service. It’s not easy for the spouses or children of military personnel to be without their loved ones for months at a time and it’s disgraceful for this teacher to coldly and intentionally play upon the emotions and fears which undoubtedly exist because of the very real costs these families pay.

    That this teacher has the audacity to afterward haughtily proclaim she has not “brow beaten” anyone and insinuates that she instead has shown respect by allowing each child to freely express their own preference for president, shows the depth of her dishonesty and self deception. She did NOT allow them to freely state who they supported. She says they are entitled to their own personal opinion, but her behavior exposes her real prejudicial and biased motivations. She pressured some (under the feigned assurance that it was ok) to admit they supported McCain and then she ripped into them for it. She obviously does not believe that it is “alright if they are pulling for John McCain”, as she claims. Come on! These kids aren’t stupid, they can see through her. I’m not in the least surprised to hear her smugly proclaim that Obama won the mock election held in her class. Her contempt is very transparent. To say that she behaved in an extremely inappropriate manner is an enormous understatement. But her lack of self awareness about her cruelty is what’s astonishing. If she honestly believes she wasn’t “brow beating” that little girl, one wonders what she would consider “brow beating”? Corporal punishment? Or worse?

    Such unfair manipulations and intimidations are beneath her calling as a teacher and come criminally close to emotional abuse. While this child’s father and other brave military professionals like him make sacrifices in one respect or another everyday to defend the freedom our nation takes for granted, his daughter’s “teacher” presumes upon those very freedoms to coerce her own agenda and in the process of doing so is exploiting the very children her profession entrusts her to nurture and educate.

    She is doing a disservice to every student in her class, not just those who don’t think the way she wants them to. Her intolerance, ridicule, criticism and denial of the truth only serve to foster a feeling of strife and division. Doesn’t she know it is an honor to teach kids? That each impressionable mind is a precious gift and should be humbly handled with utmost care and kind consideration? That her actions can have lasting influences positively or negatively for their futures and ultimately all our destinies? I pray that she would recognize the privilege and opportunity she has been given to guide her students towards worthy virtues like respect, honesty, and goodwill toward others. Her “teaching” method or whatever she calls it is NOT what our children need and should NOT be encouraged or tolerated in our public school system.

    A teacher should be required to teach the truth at all times, but even more so during an election year. While she falsely misleads her students to believe that McCain wants to fight a war with Iraq for a hundred years and tells this little girl McCain wants her daddy to remain there for that long – the truth is ignored.

    The truth is, it’s because of the courageous men in our nations history and those presently who are also willing to lay down their very lives to protect the liberties our constitution guarantees that our citizens have the privilege and right to vote for any candidate they choose. The truth is, our armed forces protect our freedoms not only from foreign threat, but also from domestic as well. Their success is confirmed by the fact that there has been no terrorist attack within the USA since 911. Not only that, a black man was just elected president by a predominantly white constituency. The truth is, that would not have been possible without the kinds of freedoms our military has fought to preserve.

    What class is she trying to teach anyway? Obviously not math, or reading, or language. If this was a government or civics class, why is she not teaching about these freedoms? Why does she not insist that they be safeguarded and exemplified in her classroom, both through her instruction and EXAMPLE?

    As a Christian, I am offended that she would in her disgusted and shocked tone, call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, in her rebuke of this child’s preference for McCain. Why is the ACLU not threatening lawsuits against this school if the principal doesn’t immediately fire her for stepping beyond their hallowed boundary of separation of church and state? It’s obvious her disdain would be more accurately reflected if directed against the parents who dare to think differently than she does. Like most bullies, is she afraid to pick on someone her own size?

    At the very least, this woman shows a tremendous lack of judgment, insensitivity and compassion which are necessary qualities and characteristics of any good teacher. At worse, her behavior is emotionally abusive. Either way, she needs to resign and take some time to seriously re-evaluate why she became a teacher to begin with. If she can’t honestly put her students well being above what ever is lacking in her own emotional makeup that would cause her to behave so shamefully, then she needs to seek employment in another profession. If she refuses to do so, the principal, superintendent, or school board itself, has an obligation to the parents of every child who attends this school, to the state itself, and to every taxpayer who pays their salary, to hold her fully accountable. These children deserve and have the right to be taught by someone who has the ability and talents to properly and respectfully teach them.

  9. I saw this the other morning and was shocked. Figured it happened in Baltimore or some other metropolitan area (not sure why.) Then I found out this Harris character is an Asheville City School’s teacher!! I live just outside of the Asheville City School district. Good lord. Or should I say, “Oh Jesus!” I feel so sorry for the kids in my community. They looked completely mind-numbed. Scary.

  10. The speed of the response of the district is not as important as their action of whether they do the right thing or not. She needs to be fired, and has no place in teaching. The fact that she has taught for so many years is scary, because the average person knows that she has probably been doing this for many years. Only now she had a camera in the room. I would bet that the camera crew was not cleared by notifying the parents or school, so even for that reason she should be fired. Her responses in defense are typical talking points, and show her weakness as an individual for not standing up for her beliefs. A cowardly act of mental abuse against children.

  11. all of you need to just shut up! Ms.harris is my former teacher and she is a gift! Even the “little girl” said Ms.Harris did nothin wromg! And believe me, Ms.Harris is nothing bad. George Bush was at her house, so tell me how much she hates republicans now! So shut youre traps and stop judging her!

  12. IM SO FREAKIN SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. And for your freakin info, ms. Harris IS A CHRISTIAN DUMBOS!!!!

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