Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt…

…Here illegally and living on public assitance. Do you think if Barack Obama is elected President he will expedite her deportation and investigate why she is receiving public assitance while here as an illegal?

When contacted by the press Obama expressed that this was “not the Aunt he knew” 🙂

Update: Apparently the Dems are calling for an investigation about this issue coming to light but they are OK with state computers being accessed to harrass “Joe the Plumber”.

One response to “Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt…

  1. No! Barack obama will not investigate why his aunt is recieving tax payer public assistance while living in the US illegally. Why would he? He wants to legalize some 12 to 32 million illegal aliens as it is. If he’s willing to legalize 12 to 32 million why not, one more, he’ll just leave his aunt in Boston until he gets his way by legalizing all the other illegal immigrants. For all we know, he helped her get US tax payer funded public assistance and a state tax payer funded home. Isn’t America great if your not a legal citizen? Where else can you come and live off hard working tax payers money and get a free monthly check and house payments made without having to work a single minute. Her records indicate that she works for the Boston Housing Authority. How does an illegal alien get a job working at a state government agency such as the Boston Housing Authority? One would have to know someone pretty high up in government to get a job like that being in the country illegally. Most legal citizens would need some type of refferal for a job like that! And barack says he doesn’t know a thing about her legal staus. It’s hard to beleive that most people will believe he didn’t know…

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