Praising a candidate for President that pals around with a guy that praised the guy that killed your dad when he was President. Think I am kidding? I shit you not:

Caroline Kennedy asked about 200 senior residents of the Land of Presidents Condo Community in West Palm Beach to make Barack Obama their next president.

“I think you have a tremendous responsibility and privilege to determine the course of our future,” she said. “The world is watching and the world actually depends on this, just in case this doesn’t make you feel any pressure.”

During her 15-minute speech this afternoon, Kennedy made references to her father, John F. Kennedy, and his inspiration that has trickled down from generation to generation.

“We haven’t had a leader who can spark that light of inspiration,” said Kennedy, who became convinced that with Obama’s name on the Democratic ticket “this was a special moment in time.”

I guess the little beacon of light doesn’t care that Obama’s pal William Ayers had much love for the guy that killer dad. Liberalism is a mental disorder!


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