Change You Can Believe In!

If you want to live in a thugocracy then vote Obama. The unhinged nature of the left has been well documented. And now we have this latest tidbit:

McCain staffer says she was mugged, had ‘B’ cut into face
Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pittsburgh Police are investigating a report by a campaign staffer for John McCain that she was mugged and the letter B was cut into her face following a robbery in Bloomfield last night.

Police say the 20-year-old woman, who is from Texas, reported that the attack occurred after she withdrew money from an ATM at Liberty Avenue and Pearl Street.

She said a man armed with a knife demanded her money. She gave it to him and began walking toward her car, which has McCain stickers.

Although the robber had moved away from her, he became agitated when he saw her car, punched her in the back of the head, pushed her to the ground and carved a B into her face, she reported.

Police said the woman declined medical treatment at the scene.

Update: It turns out that this was a hoax. That said it does not diminish the propensity for violence and disdain toward speeach rights that have come to be emblematic of the new left.

This is not atypical of the folks that comprise the left generally and the people that support Obama in particular. The left is chock full of PDS and BDS sufferers. Too bad Ashley Todd wasn’t carrying a .357.


25 responses to “Change You Can Believe In!

  1. We are doomed. It doesn’t matter who wins this election. Based on the outrageous accusations both parties’ supporters have become comfortable labeling their opposition with and the lengths they will go to vilify anyone that doesn’t buy into their extremist ideology, we’ve already lost. A lot of Americans died to defend our right to free speech, among other freedoms. Now the coddled citizenry is willing to go to war with one another to take those rights away from themselves. Where did we go wrong?

  2. This is a hoax…duh!.

    It looks like she scratched the B into her face in the mirror with her fingernail and forgot it would come out backwards. There are other suspicious circumstances:

    1. She did not report the attack immediately and refused medical attention until the following day.
    2. The entire attack conveniently took place out of site of the security camera at the ATM where the attack allegedly took place.
    3. How in the hell would someone carve a backwards B into someones elses face during a struggle with a knife without cutting through skin? Was this a friendly attacker who did not want to scar her for life?
    4. It happens less than 2 weeks away from the election.
    5. Most importantly she was not only a McCain supporter but a McCain campaign volunteer.

    This BS is politically motivated and designed to scare voters away from Obama. Anyone with any sense can see that this is a setup.

    I’m sure you will remove this post out of embarrassment when this is proved to be a false attack.

    Happy grazing.

  3. calling an entire party a very derogatory name based on one persons supposed actions, that are assumed to be caused by a bumper sticker….not very classy. Thugocracy? And because this girl thinks that that is specifically what caused this attack you’re going to call millions of people thugs?

  4. Yes I am labeling millions of Obama supporters thugs. They support a candidate that is a socialist at best, favors the restriction of speech rights, the restriction of gun rights, and have no curiosity about his nefarious relationships. The Barack Obama “movement” has many parallels to the rise of communism and naziism. A large part of his contituency is looking for a handout and want to blame thier own failures on the successes of others. This has been done before. We are going down a path that is going to be interesting to say the least and perhaps quite violent.

  5. Hey! Black people keep carving stuff in my face backwards DON’T VOTE OBAMA!

    (btw, i’ve already confessed that I made it all up, will you hold other McCain supporters to be crazy race-baiting liars? or will you say it’s an isolated incident all of a sudden?)

  6. race-baiter, you should be ashamed dookie.

  7. Looks like this was a hoax, sorry to disappoint you. I bet you wish it was true!

    This is actually a case of an unhinged conservative gone wild. Boy, it’s getting desperate out there in wingnut land.

  8. This is an absolutely ridiculous story that was fabricated by a desperate McCain supporter, she got the attention and now she gets the backlash. I attend the University of Pittsburgh, and I wonder if Ashley Todd does. Because if I see her I will have no problem bitching her out and pointing her out to others. This is exactly what our country DOESN’T need. We need moderate candidates that can unite people and demonstrate LEADERSHIP, which Obama is, and McCain once was.

    ONE nation, under God.

    not two

  9. Now that the staffer has admitted that she made up the story are you perhaps willing to admit that you were painting Obama supporters and the left in general with a broad brush?

  10. What you say now? LOL

    She admitted she LIED!

    Are all McCain supportes liars and fakers?

  11. shall we all judge the GOP based on this misguided girl? sorta like you did with your Thugocracy?


  12. How does it feel to be a jackass ?

  13. Too bas Ashley Todd is seriously unhinged and made up her story.


  14. of course it’s proven if we’re gonna generalize.. what does that say about the McCain supporters? They’re liars, sociopaths, willing to do anything for the election….of course not…let’s try not to judge people based on the actions of one possibly deranged person

  15. apparently she confessed to making the whole thing up… turns out that this McCain volunteer is more of a thug than any supporter of Obama.

  16. Hey, guess what… Ashley Todd confessed to police that she lied about the whole thing. Are you ready to apologize for jumping the gun?

    From Fox News at

    McCain Campaign Volunteer Admits Alleged Attack Was a Hoax
    A woman who lied about being attacked because of the McCain bumper sticker on her car will face charges of filing a false report.

    Friday, October 24, 2008

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    Ashley Todd, who says she is a McCain campaign volunteer, told police she was mugged, then pinned by her assailant, who cut a “B” into her face. (College Republicans)

    PITTSBURGH — A 20-year-old volunteer for John McCain’s campaign has admitted that she lied when she said she was attacked by a robber who carved a “B” into her cheek when he saw a McCain bumper sticker on her car, Pittsburgh police said Friday.

    Ashley Todd, 20, of College Station, Texas, will be charged with filing a false report, a misdemeanor, police said.

    “She told lie after lie, and the situation compounded to where we are right now,” Lt. Kevin Kraus, head of major crimes for the Pittsburgh police, said Friday.

    Todd had told police that on Wednesday night at 9 o’clock ET, a 6-foot-4 black male in dark jeans and a black tank top held her up at an ATM machine in Bloomfield, Pa. Todd said the robber put a knife to her neck and demanded money. She said she gave him $60, according to the police report.

    Todd, who is white, said the robber then noticed the McCain bumper sticker on her car, punched her in the back of her head, knocked her down, and continued to punch and kick her while threatening to teach her a lesson.

    “You are going to be a Barack supporter,” she said the robber told her before he sat on her chest, pinned her hands down with his knees and scratched the letter “B” on the right side of her face, using what she believed to be a very dull knife. The robber then fled, Todd said in the police report.

    On Friday, officials said they had found several “inconsistencies” in Todd’s statements. She was brought back to police headquarters, where she finally confessed that she had made the entire story up.

    “After a while, she just simply stated that she wanted to tell the truth,” said Maurita Bryant, assistant chief for investigations.

    Todd confessed to police that she was driving alone, looked in the mirror, saw her black eye and the B on her face, and didn’t know how they got there. She assumed she could have done it herself, she said, and then she made up the story about the attacker.

    When she saw the B, the first thing she thought of was “Barack,” she told police.

    Police suspect Todd’s wounds were self-inflicted. She remained at police headquarters on Friday afternoon, and police were trying to determine whether she needed psychiatric evaluation.

    “She hasn’t really shown any obvious remorse,” Kraus said. “She’s certainly surprised that it snowballed to where it is today.”

    “It’s been a huge waste of time and man hours,” said Bryant, adding that police had been working on the story since it broke Thursday.

    Police said Todd did not have a lawyer, and that her none of her family were in Pittsburgh.

    Earlier in the day, Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Diane Richard would not say whether police doubted Todd’s story, but bank surveillance footage did not show Todd at the Citizens Bank ATM where she claimed the assault took place.

    Richard told FOX News that Todd had been staying with a male friend who lives down the street from the ATM.

    A woman named Liz who answered the door at the residence where Todd arrived after her purported attack told that her roommate is friends with Todd, and he told Liz not to discuss any details about the incident. A Ford Taurus with a Texas license plate and a McCain-Palin sticker was parked outside.

    Richard said Todd later added to her tale, saying she was groped by the robber and lost consciousness during the assault. Neither of those details was in the original report.

    Richard said that after a second interview, Todd was not as definitive about the assault or the motives behind it, nor could she say for certain whether the robber took $60 from her, as she initially reported and still maintained was missing.

    Todd took a polygraph test late Thursday or early Friday after police heard the inconsistencies, Richard said.

    ‘There were major changes in her story” before and after the polygraph test, Richard said. As for the wound on her cheek, “it’s very shallow, it’s more of a scratch.”

    Before Todd’s admission, Richard had said the police department was taking the report “very seriously” and considered Todd a “victim” while the investigation was ongoing.

    The area at Liberty Avenue and Pearl Street where Todd had said the attack took place is heavily traveled in the daytime, full of traffic, pedestrians, restaurants and stores. On Friday, Pittsburgh detectives canvassed the area looking for witnesses.

    Doug Graham, a neighbor of the residence where Todd’s friend lives, told it’s unlikely an assault at the bank would go unnoticed.

    “There ain’t no way nobody saw that,” said Graham, whose home — where he has lived for a decade — sports a Barack Obama sign. “It’s always hopping up there. Something fishy, I knew the first second I saw [her story]. Something fishy.”

    Ethan Eilon, executive director of the College Republicans National Committee, told FOX News that Todd was volunteering as a field representative through his organization and that she had taken a year off from her studies at Blinn College to work on the campaign.

    Todd received a call from the Republican presidential nominee on Thursday night. Barack Obama’s local campaign team also issued well-wishes and said it hoped her assailant would be caught and brought to justice.

    FOX News’ Judson Berger and Carl Cameron and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  17. I feel badly for you. I also write on WordPress, and read the story last night. I decided however, to hold off on writing about it until the facts came out.

    And out they came! A headline from the Huffington Post reads:

    Police: McCain Volunteer’s “Mutilation” Story Made Up

    I suspected that something wasn’t right about the story, and held off until it could be found if the story was real, or a hoax.

    Congratulations! You’ve been duped by one of your own people [McCain/Palin supporter] in one of the worst and malicious ways.

    I’m sure that you as well as the McCain campaign must be proud.

  18. haha, turns out McCain supporters are liars who like to cut themselves. Yes im labeling millions of McCain supporters of depressed desperate attention seeking whores. They support swiftboat tactics designed to distract the American public with tabloid topics while they rob the middle class blind.

    yeah, you look like a total douche now.
    go ahead and delete this cause your foot is already in your mouth.

  19. This turns out to be a phony stunt– and she will face charges for faking the attack. The first clue the police had was that the ‘B’ was carved backwards, indicating that she was likely doing it in front of a mirror.

    Can you give me a REAL example of violence perpetrated against conservatives because of their political beliefs by Obama supporters? Names? Places? Dates?

    Very likely conservatives will see at least four years of liberal policies, but it sounds like some on the right are becoming unglued at the prospect. Guess what, politics is cyclical and eventually the pendulum will bounce back (though I doubt it will be for at least another generation unless Obama really screws up– young people today have seen two Presidencies– Clinton and Bush, and in both cases it was conservatives who came out stinking worse.)

    And thank you very much, but I’m not ‘failing.’ I’m sick of conservatives lecturing to me that I’m a ‘failure’ because my retirement account is worth about half of what it was last year. The failure was of the deregulated, low tax, low responsibility economic system that conservatives have put in place. It is your President who is the ‘failure.’ He has the reverse Midas touch– everything he touches turns to shit.


  21. Doh! Maybe she works for ACORN…

  22. Check this site, “Liberal Democrat in Arizona.” Educate yourself before you spout half-truths.

  23. Hey Dookie! Check out some other political thugs.

    Those poor McCainiacs, protecting themselves from those anti-American communists. Bad Commies!

    Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends?

  24. politicaldookie

    Not sure what your point is Aubrey….here are some lefties that should have been run over:

  25. My point is Dookie, that Obama thugs and McCainiacs are both real.

    I just feel it’s best to try to cover the real wackos, rather than the fictitious ones from some poor deranged girl’s imagination.

    I absolutely despise extremists on either side of the spectrum. Obama thugs, I’m talking to you as well as the McCainiacs!

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