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Colin Powell Endorses The One

Race > Experience

Race > Experience

Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama on MTP today:

If race isn’t the issue perhaps Rush’s research will turn up some white liberals that Powell has endorsed in the past. Meanwhile I find this post quite compelling.

It seems to me that it is blacks on both sides of the aisle and liberals that cannot get past racial politics.


Cisneros and the Liberal Mind

The Times has a great article today that underscores the naivete of the liberal mind viz-a-viz the housing/financial crisis.I think in the case of Cisneros there may not have been any ill intent but just a complete lack of common sense. He appears, as many liberals do, to be overwhelmed by passion that clouds any sense of judgement. He admits in retrospect that relaxing credit standards and pushing low-income people to buy homes was a mistake. People should understand that Barack Obama will bring in people far worse than Cisneros. Can the County afford any more of this passion?