Gwen Ifill the Neutral Moderator?

Gwen appears to be wearing a face of disgust in response to Palin’s convention spiel:

Michelle Malkin takes apart the clearly conflicted Iffil.

Hugh Hewitt has Palin on his show…

24 responses to “Gwen Ifill the Neutral Moderator?

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  2. thesoulofthecreator

    the Palin boat is sinking, lets jump off.

  3. politicaldookie

    She’s doing fine…it will be wierd to have a real person in DC though…

  4. I prefer to have a candidate for VP who is a heartbeat away from Presidency who
    1. has a track record of reform
    2. lives her faith convictions in real life
    3. who is a Washington DC outsider.
    Her political intentions are apparent as reflected by her accomplishments as Mayor of Wassila and Gov. of Alaska. She wants to change the way polical office is run and she has the gumption to have been doing it from day one. She has a keen judgement, down to earth attitude and the intention to serve. All the other things that the other candidates have can be acquired. What is dangerous are the wrong attitudes (such as the racial types), the wrong intentions and the wrong idealogy that can get the country in great trouble.
    All the other things such as experience in

  5. Don’t let Gwen Ifill’s book “Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama”, scheduled for release January 20, 2009, sway you into believing that she would not be an impartial moderator during the VP nominee debates.


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  7. It’s imperative that Gwen Ifill be removed as moderator of Thursday night’s VP debate. I have emailed and phoned in my objection to Ifill to the Commission on Presidential Debates and emailed my friends asking them to do the same. Is there anything else I can do?

  8. politicaldookie

    Linda I think at this point it is probably to Palin’s favor to have Ifill stay. If Palin does well then it will be in the face of perceived bias. If she does poorly then Ifill’s conflict of interest will mitigate to a degree. The whole event also serves to underscore yet again the MSN’s love affair with “The One”.

  9. It’s not the questions she’s going to ask.

    It’s the fact that she will give the questions, and the order of the questions .. To Joe Biden. He will then be able to “craft” sound bite answers that make him look awesomely smart. He will also be able to structure and control the tempo of the debate and craft a 90-minute ad for Obama … free of charge … aired during prime time.

    You think this is paranoid? The woman stands to earn MILLIONS off an Obama win. This book is set to release on inauguration day – it’s not going to make much money unless Obama is the one being inaugurated. Do you trust her? Would you trust your best friend around a million dollars? Come on! This is disgusting.

  10. politicaldookie

    Mark I think Gwen Ifill’s response would be that you clearly hate black people. 🙂

  11. does any one but me think its a little early to start complaining about the outcome of a debate?
    I Mean are you psychic? You know whats going to happen. I suppose None of you think Palin’s going to do well.
    i think she stands a good chance of doing real good.
    But I aint psychic so i aint talking about it. Don’t yall think it prudent and smart to hold all comments until after debate?


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  14. Wow, how badly is Palin perfoming at “debate camp” that it’s come to this? The McCain campaign is one stunt after another. And now, when it becomes clear that McCain apparently vetted Ifill about as well as he did Palin, the whining begins. The real problem is that Ifill READS and WRITES books. That will make for a pianful contrast to Palin. Oh, Ifill is going to give the questions to Biden in advance? LOL. Like McCain got the questions on his Blackberry before Saddleback? I doubt that that will happen, because Biden is smart and educated. He doesn’t need a puppeteer. Sure, he makes a slip now and then, but at least he can respond to 99% of the questions he gets extemporaneously and coherently. We’re still trying to find subjects and objects in Palin’s responses to Couric’s questions. It’s Miss South Carolina all over again. To the extreme embarrassment of smart, capable, educated American women everywhere.

  15. How disorganized must the McCain campaign be if they did not realize this until 36 hours before the debate?

  16. It is appalling that Gwen Ifill gets to moderate the vice presidential debate tomorrow night when she stands to gain financially from a book she is writing about Barack Obama. When I took 2 semesters of journalism class, the first thing we were told – and which was repeated over and over again – was to BE OBJECTIVE, LEAVE YOUR OPINIONS AT HOME and GET BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY. I see those lessons were not something Ms. Ifill learned. And no one will call her on it or force her to recuse herself. And because of this and because of Ms. Ifill’s and the rest of the drive-by media’s obvious support of Obama, that dangerous man just may win. If that happens, then GOD HELP US.

  17. thesoulofthecreator

    the Book that Gewn Ifill wrote apparently is about Black politicians, so I hope the conservatives don’t get stuck on stupid again.

  18. Turns out McCain Campaign was not the only ones not told:

    The host of PBS’”Washington Week” and senior correspondent on “The NewsHour” said she did not tell the Commission on Presidential Debates about the book.

  19. It’s disgusting…plain and simple.

    The Debates Commission should NOT allow Gwen Ifill to moderate this debate. Not only has Ms. Ifill shown complete disregard (downright disdain) for Gov. Palin but, her “new book” is the most incredible conflict of interest… Unbelievable.

    By the way, I’m a Democrat!

  20. thesoulofthecreator,

    HELLO! Check the title of the flippin’ book!

  21. I’m a multi-published novelist (so I know how the book-game works) and a long-time registered Independent, and the selection of Gwen Ifill as the moderator for this debate offends me deeply as an American who would like to believe in fair democratic process when it comes to the election of our next president. PLEASE put in someone who will truly be impartial!!!

  22. Foolish-ness. So, what your saying here is that because she’s got a book in the works, she can’t be a fair moderator? What’s she going to do? Rig the answers? Ask tough questions from only one candidate? Wouldn’t that HURT her book sales by destroying her credibility? Honestly. Get out of the gutter and join the real world.

  23. thesoulofthecreator

    Ok, so it is solely about Obama. Please this is ridicoulous, exspecially since she is a respected journalist.

  24. A Dispassionate Observer

    I prefer to see how Ifill will do tonight. Despite anyone’s color or persuasion, once the lights go down professional journalists leave their personal opinions at the door.

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