Nancy Pelosi: The Worst Speaker of the House, Ever.











Nancy Delano Pelosi will go down in history as the most incompetent Speaker of the House in history. Her lack of candor regarding the source of the present financial meltdown coupled with her bitter partisanship has made her a total failure. Liberalism is the father of this failure beginning with the Community Reinvestment Act and culminating with the refusal to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

 A lesson in how not to bring people together 🙂

Rove takes Pelosi and the Dems down:

We need to work through the pain and reclaim the notion of personal responsibility. If you took out a mortgage you could not afford, too bad. Rent. If you are a CEO and engaged in fraudulent accounting practices to pump your bonus, no soup for you…straight to jail. If you are a board member of a corporation and let your CEO run wild, too bad, enjoy your share prices circling the toilet bowl.

If you go to work, live within your means, and take responsibility for your own actions please call your Senators and Reps and demand the same.


5 responses to “Nancy Pelosi: The Worst Speaker of the House, Ever.

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  2. Well said. When the Dem. Whip was asked if he wipped the vote with Dems in the house he said no. I take orders from Pelosi and she never gave the order. The plan to have republicans pass the bill so they could take the fall failed.

  3. This doochebag should be trying to get her own party unified – else sit down and STFU!!!

    I can’t believe she’s a “leader.”

    Perhaps we should consider that Absolut Reconquista ad. Mexico, please take California!! At least San Fran…?
    I kid, I kid

  4. She is evil personified.

  5. I say AMEN to everything posted above!!!

    Well said

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