Constructive Criticism of Sarah Palin…

Sandra Bernhard has always been the personification of class so you know when she offers some critique of Sarah Palin it will be offered in congenial and witty manner:

Liberals sure are a classy bunch aren’t they? At least Bernhard attacked Sarah Palin on issues of substance and refrained from ad hominems.

2 responses to “Constructive Criticism of Sarah Palin…

  1. Sarah Bernhardt is a comedian! That’s an act to make a point you stuffy conservatives. (Look up the word stuffy and classy and you’ll find they are not the same.)

    Sarah Palin is a class-act if you like someone who can nurse her fifth child, a Down’s syndrom baby, while murdering large mammals for entertainment. ..because she just loves nature! Ok, so she’s pro-life. Does she have something against birth control too?! This female is a terrible role-model! At least Hillary Clinton’s only child turned out as a responsible adult. I cringe when I see right-wing zealots embracing girl-women like Britney Spears’ sister and Sarah Palin as role-models. Women can be so much more. I think the mostly wrong right-wing of our great society needs to ferrit out another “kinder, gentler” female candidate, if only for decency’s sake. . .oh, and safety too. Can you imagine that X-beauty queen turned neo-politian actually running our bloated, sagging superpower? But she’d make a cute bimbo-head for those (mostly) white Republican repressed males running the show in the white house at this, one of the worst times in our government’s history. You people actually make me laugh!

  2. Wow, you are an idiot.

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