Commentary: The Coverage of Sarah Palin

Reception of Sarah Palin

Reception of Sarah Palin

John McCain doesn’t fair much better


5 responses to “Commentary: The Coverage of Sarah Palin

  1. I doubt Palin has much to fear, after all she supports people cutting off a wolves left leg and bringing it in for a cash prize. lol

  2. You’re right, she is a tough lady and I think she will prevail. It is ironic that most of the folks that get worked up about the poor wolves could care less about taking a hoover to a fetus.

  3. I hate the press. Sean Hannity is right: 2008 is the year journalism died.

  4. Look at the bright side; the voraciousness of the press coupled with the exposure of the fraudulent feminist movement are contributing to the power of Palin’s VP candidacy.

  5. Oh yea. look at the big Palin power. LOLOLOL We love her. She helps to show what a bunch of MANIACS the republican party has become. America would not vote to put this dumbass in charge of our kindergarten classes. Nice dreamland u live in. HAHAHA It’s always fun to go back in time and look at how WRONG bloggers like you were.

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