Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

My wife and I went to see the movie the other day and were stunned, we were not alone! Living in South Florida we thought we would be alone in the theatre. Much to our astonishment the theatre was packed by showtime.

The movie itself is an excellent satire and it is delightful watching the tables turned on some of these folks. Richard Dawkins looks particularly uncomfortable when he suggests that aliens may have seeded our existence while poo-pooing the idea of a “creator”.

The main message of the movie though is to look into the real assault on reason and highlight the need for an open discourse.

While watching the movie the “debate” over climate change came to mind. It made me think that these smart folks need to take another look at Popper and Kuhn before declaring the end to any debate or claiming absolute knowledge.

In the same way that marxists butchered Hegel’s dialectic by claiming the evolution of society ended at thier prefered destination so to the scientific community ignores the scientific method by declaring the end of knowledge to suit thier own ends….


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