NY Times: The Sky is Falling for Students!

In the Times today, Fewer Options Open to Pay for Costs of College, the paper laments the problems with securing loans for school and the potential impacts of the credit crisis. The article paints gloom and doom but does not mention one interesting possibility, that a student may work when they attend school. What a concept. They also don’t mention scholarships or parents and students SAVING for school. The entitlement mentality fostered by liberalism in the Country will be our undoing if we do not check it. People want what they want and they want it now with no pain or effort. This attitude is not sustainable and must change. The hallmarks of American Exceptionalism are at stake and this article is just icing on the self-pity cake. Nothing is more antithetical to what has made this Country unique than Barack Obama and his uberliberalism. The snowball is getting bigger folks…

3 responses to “NY Times: The Sky is Falling for Students!

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  2. Government incentives to attend college are not just an example of a handout in any way. You act like working to go to school is plausible for everyone, and if you think that is the reality for the majority then you are living on another planet. I was able to work and attend college, but I had countless friends who couldn’t have done this mathematically, since the jobs you can work while in school aren’t the best paying stepping-stone positions. Attending school requires a flexible work schedule, not just some stupid mindset that “you can do it”.

  3. politicaldookie

    My primary point is that the article did not even mention the other alternatives to loans. I never said that I did not support student aid, but your assertion is absurd. You can get a two year degree at a community college in a budget and the final two years at an institution with some sacrifice. Would it be as easy as getting a loan, no, but it is doable. The friends that you had that could not do this “mathematically”, what was the reason? I know when I was in school I lived in the crappiest part of town to save on rent and had a steady diet of tuna fish.

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