Bitterness? Obama need only roll over in bed to find it…

It seems Mr. Hope thinks the electorate is bitter. While I think Barack need only roll over in bed in the morning to find true bitterness I do believe his comments are illuminating viz-a-viz his focus on government as the answer to all that ails us. Recall that the Obamas are here to heal our soul! 

Where is the role of personal responsibility in the world of Obama? It might be time to do some reading to understand where we would be headed under this new Messiah.

4 responses to “Bitterness? Obama need only roll over in bed to find it…

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  2. Nobody but people trying to attack Obama calls him a Messiah. Obama supporters are not jaded, we’re tired of the pendulum of Bush and Clinton administrations, and McCain is going to extend many of the problems of the Bush administration. He’s the only other choice. Damn right Americans are bitter, our government has been hijacked by oligarchs.

  3. politicaldookie

    Are you kidding? His wife says he is going to save our souls. I do not need a politician for that; I’ll handle my own soul thank you.

    As far as oligarchies go, please elaborate on the hijacking of our Republic. Are you willing to continue down the path to socialism?

    If you are bitter I suggest it is because you are looking to government to solve your problems. The social contract does not exist to grant you enternal happiness.

  4. I was alive in the Clinton years and except for the crazy Republicans trying to shoot Bill down all the time, I recall times were peaceful and prosperous. Yeah, I can see how you better change that. Peace. Prosperity. We can’t be hopeful in times like that.

    Meanwhile, Michelle Obama whines about her student loans instead of saying what Hillary does, that she was so privileged to be able to attend such great schools. OK, there is a cost to everything. If you don’t want to pay it, don’t go to Harvard.

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