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Did You Call Me Angry?

I will whip your white ass!

If you thought she had a chip on her shoulder before how ya think she’s going to be kicking it now? Jeremiah Wright better watch his back…(remember she quit her $300k/yr cake job to become the black jackie-o)

Barack Obama’s Faith

I get sick of the religious right but good lord, here comes the religious left…

Barack Supporters Are Mindless Sheeple Part II


Ok, so Barack Obama has either revealed himself to be a blithering idiot and admits to missing what a hateful piece of shit his pastor Jeremiah Wright is and was for the past 20 years or he is a complete liar and and is trying to save his political bacon with his speach today. Regardless which of the aformentioned possibilities holds true one thing is for sure, the folks following this empty suit, aka Barack Jesus Christ Obama, are blithering idiots. They are a voluminous lot mind you but stupid and/or delusional nonetheless.

Barack Obama: New Support For Baby As Punishment

When Barack Obama likened a baby to punishment in remarks about abortion there was a great deal of backlash. However it seems that he was on to something. I give you Rozlynn Rodgers:

A South Side teenage mother who authorities said no longer wanted a baby because she couldn’t go to parties was held on $600,000 bond Wednesday on charges that she drowned her 5-month-old daughter in a bathtub earlier this month.

Rozlynn Rodgers, 19, was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder in the April 4 death of her daughter, Makalah, at their home in the 7800 block of South Ingleside Avenue. She later told authorities that she drowned the child because she no longer wanted to be a mother, officials said.

Rodgers told police “she didn’t want to be a mom anymore because she couldn’t go to parties if she had to take care of the baby,” Assistant State’s Atty. Mary Anna Planey said Wednesday during a bond hearing before Judge Laura Sullivan.

 Come on everybody, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!

McCain Telegraphs His Strategy

The Arizona Senator has come out strong against a North Carolina GOP ad using the Reverend Wright as a hammer against democratic opponents. I wonder if this is part of a strategy to provide distance between McCain and the inevitable attack ads, probably so. It may not be a bad tact to take given that Hillary will be spending some more time tearing down the new messiah. It will be interesting to see what McCain feels is fair game. He has already indicated a willingness to take Obama to task on his relationship with domestic terrorists.

It is clear that McCain feels like he has to walk a fine line and at this point he looks to be doing it with finesse.  

Hillary – I Am Woman…(and not black)

Operation Chaos enters the next phase. Thank you Hillary and Bill, the hour is yours even if the New York Times has turned against you 🙂

Nora Ephron: We Have An Answer

When Nora Ephron asked the question of who Pennsylvania democrats hate more, women or blacks, we were left to speculate. Now we have an amswer, they hate blacks more than women. Thanks to Nora for framing the debate and exposing the racist tendencies of the democratic party 🙂